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Voyage of the Scarlet Queen

Voyage of the Scarlet Queen was a seafaring adventure series broadcast from July, 1947 to February, 1948 on the Mutual Broadcasting Network. James Burton produced the scripts written by Gil Doud and Robert Tallman. Multi-talented actor and producer Elliott Lewis starred as Captain Philip Carney, who steered the 78-foot ship Scarlet Queen. Ed Max played the Captain's first mate Red Gallagher. The series' excellent and realistic sound effects were created by Ray Kemper, Bill James, and Tome Hanley.

The stories in this collection feature Captian Carney and his crew's exciting adventures on the high seas and into many exotic locations around the world. The plots are well-developed and filled with colorful events. In the roaring sounds of the sea, each episode opens with the Captain's entry log documenting the time, the weather, and the ship's destination.


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